Speculations about smart glasses and gambling

The concept of smart eyewear is one advancement that could play a role. Wearable technology has made a big splash in recent years, and there’s a lot of speculation that some big corporations are looking into it. Sites like MacRumors have speculated that Apple is working on a headset, with a few ideas on what the technology might be capable of. The site speculated that the glasses could project controls onto real-world objects, which would then react when they were touched.

Apple isn’t the only large brand rumoured to be looking at this, with rumours claiming that Samsung is also working on a gadget. Patently Apple reported earlier this month that Facebook, Google, and Huawei are also interested in the notion.

Smart Glasses: What to Expect

According to Bloomberg, A smart Glass will have a holographic display. Users will be able to view emails, texts, maps, videos, social media updates, and a variety of other things on this gadget. Apple may even build a separate App Store for this product, depending on how far they go with it.

Users would be able to download gambling-related apps designed exclusively for the glasses from the store. This situation is comparable to how Apple Watch and Apple TV have their own storefronts.

In terms of augmented reality, this device will almost certainly require a smartphone connection. Otherwise, it may lack the necessary hardware to display anything more complex than simple 2D graphics. At this time, the battery life is unknown. Apple, on the other hand, should make the battery last at least three hours if they want to compete with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2. The device’s appearance was one area where Google Glass fell short. Apple is said to be working on a Clark Kent-style pair of lenses or a simple plastic version to address the issue.

A lidar scanner could be included in this product, which will search the surrounding environment and add 3D images. The lidar scanner will play a big role in augmented reality.

What Impact Will Smart Glasses Have on Online Gambling?

You might be perfectly content to gamble on your phone. Smart glasses, on the other hand, could bring a lot more to the table. For starters, they can include images into live dealer games. If you’ve played live casino games before, you know how similar they are to traditional brick-and-mortar gambling. Outside of the simulated chips, however, these games do not overlay pictures on the table. Smart glasses could add helpful graphics to beginner tutorials or simply make the game more exciting.

After you win a huge hand, a live casino might depict chips shooting from the bottom of the screen. If you’re having a particularly hot streak, the table may catch fire. Of course, for those who just want a regular live gaming experience, these graphics may appear cheesy. The casino would very certainly need to give a way to disable such features.

Virtual table games could also benefit from the use of a smart glass. For example, if you’re tired of a static virtual blackjack game, the glasses’ AR technology may bring fun movements to the mix.

Finally, you would be able to gamble without having to hold your smartphone. You’d already have a casino grin on your face. Pushing buttons on the side of the glasses is the only time you’ll need to use your hands.

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